Nightswim Agency

Rue got into music through her mums side of the family who had always played music in bands, so as a result, music has always come naturally to the London-based rising star. Influenced by the likes of Charlie XCX, Sky Ferreira, Kate Bush, Radiohead and many others, Rue provides an exceptionally original sound that is inspired through the themes of violence, sex, nostalgia, sadness, love and growth and in return produces wonderfully profound music that resonates with many.

Although relatively early into her musical career, Rue has already accomplished many incredible achievements. Rue recently signed her first publishing deal with 235! and worked with LA based label Cascine, which in turn saw her attract a groundswell or industry attention, Jess Kinn at One Fiinix for live, agent for Ed Sheeran and Years & Years, whilst also catching the eye of manager Phil Jones, known for his work with Yumi Zouma, The Magic Numbers, Khazali and others. With so much more to come, the future is very, very exciting for Rue Delaney.