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Pearly Drops is Sandra Tervonen and Juuso Malin – the Finnish duo fashioning a world out of soft-smudged, contemporary pop music. 

Arriving as if softly woven into the twilight of a fever dream, Pearly Drops is instantly familiar and just out of reach. Replete with rolling drums and slick percussive motifs, the pair transmit an atmosphere of organic Romanticism, a welcome foil to our increasingly digital lives. Marrying Tervonen’s washed-out, ethereal vocals with tight guitar licks and polished synth work that shifts between modern and vintage soundscapes, the duo eschew pastiche to deliver on a timeless recipe. These aesthetic cues play out to perfection in their latest single “Get Well,” the precursor to the sophomore Pearly Drops album.  

Operating out of Helsinki, Pearly Drops is a new name to some, but Tervonen and Malin are an accomplished double-act. Alongside their own productions, the label owners and multi-faceted artists have provided compositions to acts including ALMA, Nightwave and Inga Copeland. They’ve earned golden records for their work with others and have been awarded the Teosto Prize – one of the Nordic countries’ most prestigious symbols of recognition