Nightswim Agency

Omagoqa, a group from Durban, South Africa, have developed a brilliant musical talent that showcases their version of gqom coined ‘uThayela’, which translates literally as “corrugated iron” – a term used to describe a rougher sound with a punchier bassline that is made to sound sensational in clubs. In both aspects, be it mixing or producing, the group take pride in emphasising the darker, rawer and rougher side of pan-African club music, with an eclectic mix of hooks incorporated below the surface of their trance-inducing sets. 

A collaborative team that have worked alongside the likes of DJ Lag, Que DJ, Zvri, Jimbo Soundz, Cultivated Soulz, Scelo Gowane, and Madanon & Newlandz, the group recently shared their deluxe version of their EP ‘Back To Embombeni’, in what is just the start for the collective.