Nightswim Agency

Nukuluk are known for exploring a variety of different avenues when creating their unique sound, with their methods placing them in a distinctive creative space. Formed in the middle of lockdown, in 2021 the collective released their debut EP ‘Disaster Pop’, a release that was fuelled with brilliant videos and visuals that were created by the collective and their extended family of artists.

Since their debut release, Nukuluk have expanded their remit and output, assembling their distinctive live sound that challenges their recorded sound, with the past year seeing them play a series of acclaimed shows, performing at Reading and Leeds Festival, Pitchfork London, DIY Alive, The Great Escape, End Of The Road, and many more. On top of this, the collective were heavily supported by NME, Clash, Ransom Note, DIY, Dork, and many others all hugely excited about the future of the creative collective.