Nightswim Agency

Hailing from Canada but currently based in London, Eden grew up writing folk songs and performing in the theatre before pursuing her love of dance music after a formative trip to Europe. Although her one previous solo EP, 2019’s self-released DAYS found radio and playlist support in Canada and the UK, it was last year where Eden caught the ears of most – collaborating with Loraine James on ‘Running Like That’, a highlight of James’ acclaimed second album Reflection, and voicing Parris’s underground anthem ‘Skater’s World’. Two of 2021’s most ubiquitous electronic records, they earned acclaim from Pitchfork, The Guardian, DJ Mag, Crack, Rolling Stone and more.

She also turned heads with her remarkable ‘Pop Patrol’ mixtape for Peach’s NTS Radio show, a seamless 60-minute mixtape featuring Eden’s vocals over music from dance artists like Ikonika, Andres and DJ Koze. Her first single since last year’s breakthrough, ‘Madonna’ showcases both Eden’s incredible voice and knack for vulnerable, poignant songwriting, drawing from Freud’s Madonna-whore complex: “where such men love they have no desire, and where they desire they cannot love.” In Eden’s words, “Madonna navigates fears I’ve experienced when first dating someone about being accepted for the most complex areas of my sexuality and queerness.”