Nightswim Agency

Not one to be pigeon-holed, anaiis occupies the space between different styles, and heavily influenced by the places she has lived. Growing up between continents; she moved from Toulouse to Dublin and Dakar before settling in California., she later studied at NYU before finally relocating to London to channel her energy into her own music. With a global outlook and ability to sing in multiple languages, anaiis is a child of the diaspora and uses this entirely to her advantage. Writing from an observatory lens through her experience as a young Black female, she finally has the freedom to do it her own way, finding liberation from an industry where she was previously misunderstood. As such, she has created a body of work that is extremely personal and transparent, not being shy to show her vulnerability. With autonomy to be as creative as she wants, anaiis is moving into a space of ownership and empowerment, stepping outside the box with new ideas and new outlooks along with a new name. In 2021 anaiis delivered her most honest and self-reflective album yet, ‘this is no longer a dream’, documenting the artist’s arduous journey over the past few years. Digging deep into her psyche, anaiis curated a 12-track body of work that welcomes the listener into the imperfections of existing, as well as the difficulties and the complexities that run alongside the exploration of life. The album is anaiis’ offering to the world, for the misrepresented and those who have experienced the same hardship; there is light at the end of the tunnel and she wants this record to be used as a vessel of love and healing. With new-found confidence and strength through her own personal suffering, anaiis is showing guidance and empowerment through a multitude of facets from song writing to self-help, anaais has been drawing praise across the spectrum of the media – with the likes of Pitchfork, Bandcamp, FADER, Clash and FACT all supporting with glowing reviews.